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K2 Spice test now available Download product e-brochure

K2/Spice on-site test now available

Royal Medical Supplies is pleased to announce the availability of an on-site test for the detection of Synthetic Cannabinoid metabolites in urine.

Results in 5-10 minutes!

Initially available as a single dip-test, the test strip will quickly be adapted to the DrugCheck® NxStep and NxScan drug cups. As the test strip evolves, more of the chemical compounds commonly found in the Synthetic Cannabinoid products will be detected.

About K2/Spice
Synthetic cannabis is a psychoactive herbal and chemical product that, when consumed, mimics the effects of cannabis. It is best known by the brand names Kronic, K2 and Spice, but all refer to synthetic cannabis products. The studies suggest that synthetic cannabinoid intoxication is associated with acute psychosis, worsening of previously stable psychotic disorders, and also may have the ability to trigger a chronic (long-term) psychotic disorder among vulnerable individuals such as those with a family history of mental illness. A large and complex variety of synthetic cannabinoids, most often cannabicyclohexanol, JWH-018, JWH-073, or HU-210, are used. Kronic / K2 / Spice is sometimes sold in tobacco or herb shops, over the internet and often on the black market.

Test performance
A study was conducted by a third-party laboratory using known positive urine from six donors. Each specimen was screened with the K2/Spice Test. The laboratory then processed and tested each specimen following forensic guidelines.

K2 performance

K2/Spice test is specific to JWH-018 pentanoic acid and JWH-073 butanoic acid

Compounds Concentration Cross reactivity
JWH-018 pentanoic acid 50 ng/ml 100%
JWH-073 butanoic acid 50 ng/ml 100%

Street names
Kronic, K2, Spice, Bliss, Black Mamba, Bombay Blue, Cloud Nine, Fake Weed, Genie, Zohai.

Drug tests

Looks like
K2 is typically sold in small glossy cardboard sachet, containing a plastic bag of dried leaves or herbs and marketed as incense that can be smoked. It is said to resemble potpourri.

Methods of abuse
K2 products are usually smoked in joints or pipes, but some users make it into a tea. Psychological effects are similar to those of marijuana and include paranoia, panic attacks, and giddiness.

More product information can be found in the Resource Centre.