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Drug Testing by Royal Medical Supplies


Royal Medical Supplies is a market leader in the areas of onsite drug testing and the supply of instant drug tests such as saliva drug tests and urine drug screens.

Based in Sydney, we service all of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea with a reliable supply of innovative high quality products.

What do you get when you deal with Royal Medical Supplies?

  • Friendly service
  • Great prices
  • Reliable supply
  • Overnight delivery to most areas
  • Technical support
  • Distributor support if you are a reseller

Royal Medical Supplies offers a range of products that help medical professionals make good clinical decisions. Products provided by Royal Medical Supplies include breathalysers, urinalysis strips, adulteration strips, pregnancy tests and workplace drug testing kits. 

A host of cost-efficient health screening medical devices are on offer for customers seeking innovative, proven technology. Some of the world’s finest drugs testing products are available for those desiring high quality performance. 

Royal Medical Supplies offers a comprehensive product catalogue, committed towards providing exact, customised solution for our customers. Effective on-site tests for alcohol and drug use can be completed in an efficient manner using our products, which are made by Express Diagnostics in Minnesota, USA.

Royal Medical Supplies Drug Testing – "Improving healthcare and workplace safety through innovation"

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    Royal Medical Supplies

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    PO Box 1004, Brookvale Business Centre
    BROOKVALE NSW 2100 Australia
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