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Normal urobilinogen range in urine

  • less than 17 umol/l (< 1mg/dl)

Urobilinogen measuring range

  • 0 - 8 mg/dl

Levels of urobilinogen in the urine

  • In the intestines bacteria form urobilinogen from bilirubin
  • This is then absorbed and passes to the liver and urine

Abnormal urobilinogen values may indicative of

  • Increased values
    • Overburdening of the liver
    • Excessive RBC breakdown
    • Increased urobilinogen production
    • Re-absorption - a large hematoma
    • Restricted liver function
    • Hepatic infection
    • Poisoning
    • Liver cirrhosis
  • Low values
    • Failure of bile production
    • Obstruction of bile passage

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Source: National Institutes of Health