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DrugCheck® product information

DrugCheck® product information
K2/Spice On-site Drug Test:
Pack insert for K2-Spice (synthetic cannabis), capable of detecting more than 18 metabolites.

UrinCheck Strips:
Pack insert for Urine reagent strips for Urinalysis.

SalivaScan Oral Fluid Device:
Pack insert for SalivaScan.

DrugCheck Cup Product Insert:
12-page booklet outlines test procedure and provides extensive information on each drug class detected.

ExpressCheck Oral Fluid Drug Test Product Information:
Product information for the new ExpressCheck Oral Fluid Drug Test.

DrugCheck Colour Adulteration Chart:
Colour comparison chart for adulteration checks.

Independent Specificity Study on DrugCheck Cup:
Results of a 2007 study conducted by Kroll Laboratory Specialists to determine the specificity and accuracy of DrugCheck® test cups.

DrugCheck Cross Reactivity Chart:
Information on cross reactivity among drug test panels and prescription drugs.

Drugs of Abuse Table:
Includes drug street names, physical descriptions, methods of administration, detection times, and clinical effects.

Test Results Record:
A form that may be used during the drug testing procedure.

NCETA Publication on Drugs & Alcohol in the Workplace and Testing :
Informative 14 page paper on drug and alcohol testing in the workplace and the various testing methods employed to detect them.

Poppyseed positives:
Some information on the effect of poppy-seeds and the benefit of having a device that tests at two cut-off levels for Opiates.

Mayo Clinic Urine Drug Screening Guide for Clinicians:
An excellent and informative guide for clinicians from the reputable Mayo Clinic. Eleven pages of information on drugs and drug classes.

Oral Fluid Confirmation Test Collection Procedure:
Procedure for the collection and sending away of oral fluid confirmation tests to an accredited laboratory.